Friday the 13th

Ugh today was just not good… I worked a double And made thirty freaking dollars! The place was so dead all day bc the forecast predicted snow and freezing rain so of course all of STL goes into panic mode and refuse to leave the house. That really sucks for me since I need to come up with ab 300 dollars this weekend and still haven’t finished Christmas shopping…. So my first shift I made ten dollars and went home and before going back to work I stopped at the dollar store for candy. I grabbed my measly two five dollar bills and stuffed them into my hoodie pocket. I get into the store to realize my money is no longer where I stashed it. I head back outside and retrace my steps which were ab twenty feet from my car to the door and it was no where to be found! What the hell?! So long story short I spend 9 hours away from beautiful daughters for a mere 30 dollars. Very upsetting to say the least. Damn you STL for being so scared of the elements!

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Work sucked today

Work was dreadful today probably the worst shift I’ve had in the five months I worked there. It started off very slow and I was upset I wasn’t getting many tables which means I’m not making much money. A girl Asked me to switch cuts so I agreed so I could make more money. I instantly regretted that decision when what was supposed to be a 12 too turned into a fifty top spreD out throughout my section. It took three servers to handle it and one server rang it in and the girl who was in charge of ringing it in is just always such a bossy little bitch who can’t handle her shit most the time. So long story short big top was a complete cluster fuck. Moving on. All my tables I got there after were complete pains in the ass just running me ragged the whole time and one complained at the end of her meal saying the food tasted bad but she ate all of it and even boxed up what little scraps she had and demanded to see a manager. The manager comped part of her meal and then the lady still wasn’t happy she didn’t get the entire thing for free so she started saying she felt sick. Ugh I get so annoyed with people who just wanna make other peoples lives hard so they can get stuff for free. So finally I get to the end of my shift and give the manager my check out and she says another manager wanted to see me before I left. Uh oh… So I go to the office and the manager writes me up saying I was wearing the wrong jeans and since they don’t have back pockets I can’t wear them! I’ve been through six pairs of jeans in the short amount of time I’ve worked there and they are never good enough… Then she said eight other employees went to her saying I had been on my phone all day which usually I am guilty of being on my phone a lot because when it is slow I stand at the bar and read lol but today I was actually not on my phone expect for maybe twice and we weren’t busy and why the fuck do they care? They all do it to… And lastly she said I just haven’t been myself lately and wanted to know what the problem was… What I said was I am worn out and have a lt going on but what I wanted to say was I hate coming in here everyday because everyone is either bitching or bossing everyone around or the managers are critiquing everything or just sitting in the office or no where to be found. I also hate that anytime I ask the cooks or expos for something it takes me asking several times before they give it to me. I’m also sick of the shitty bartender who does all of her own drink orders before anyone else’s and I have to wait forever… Need change? Out of the question. There’s either way too many servers on or not enough and instead of asking nicely for help all the servers bitch and yell at everyone. I also hate how everyone else has worked there for several years and are All a very tight clique. I also hate how when I go in for day shifts I get cut after an hour and make 15 bucks but still have to run food for the busy servers, stock ice, cups, straws etc all for a measly 15 bucks. But like I said I stuck to saying I’m just exhausted. Why waste my breath on a losing battle…

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Vacation 2014

I just planned out my vacation for this summer with the family 🙂 I’m super excited! I am going to rent an rv and travel to Tennessee and north and South Carolina and take detours in Nashville and Chattanooga to break up the trip. We will be spending a few days in the smokey mountains and. Few days at the beach. I cannot wait for this. I plan on going when I graduate so it will be a little reward to myself

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I want an rv soooo dang badly. I would love nothing more than to be able and travel the country in one of those bad boys. Once all the kids are grown up I am selling all of my things and taking off in one for at least six months. It would feel so refreshing to live such a carefree life style even of just for a brief time

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The next four months of my life are going to be hell but In the long run I hope it is all worth it. I’m starting tax school Monday and will be preparing taxes until mid April. I’ll be doing that approx 30 hours a week and still serving about 20 hours a week and I’ll be in school three days a week…. Mondays I’ll leave work to take L to basketball practice Tuesday after work M has ballet weds after work I will be heading to my serving job Thursday I’ll be putting in 10 hour days and Friday I will spend all day serving along w Sunday and Saturdays mornings L has games and until college starts back up I’ll probably be working Saturday nights serving. And once school starts I’ll be I’m class from 9am til 11am three days a week! But I’m hoping to save up some money and get some debt paid off with this second job and once my math classes are out of the way I’ll be such a happy girl! Over the summer I’ll be taking biology which is 4 nights a week for like 3.5 hours so yeah I’m gonna wanna kill myself but when it’s all over with I’ll have a little extra money and most importantly my associates degree that I’ve been working towards since 2006!!!!!! I can’t express how badly I want that it’s very important to me to have an education and once I get my associates I’ll be transferring to a four year school to complete my bachelors in social work.

So mid April I’ll be done w all my extra work load and by July of 2014 I will (hopefully) have my associates. This summer I want to take an extraordinary vacation and probably take a semester off from school before I start on my bachelors.

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Bad tips hurt my feelings!

The holiday season is upon us and boy are my tips taking a hit! I get it people you are out spending hundreds of dollars on iPads and remote control cars for ur toddlers who will destroy them by New Years but please keep in mind that serving is my job and I get paid with tips. In missouri servers get paid 3.67 an hour (some states are even less) and servers don’t even see that measly hourly wage because it all goes to taxes and not only that but we have to spend our tips on fellow employees such as the bussers and bartenders so 3-4 percent of my SALES go to tipping out. So if u decide to leave me two dollars on 100 then guess what I get to pay to wait on you.

It not only financially hurts when u don’t tip well but it then leaves me guessing if I have done something wrong and don’t think it’s ok to tell me what a great job I did and then stiff me, it doesn’t soften the blow any. If you’re gonna tip like an asshole just be an asshole the whole time so I’m not shocked at the end. Half the time these “verbal tippers” are so nice and rattle off so many compliments I start to think I’m ab to be adopted into the family but then I see the tip…

If you are trying to save a few dollars this holiday season don’t take it out on your server he/she doesn’t deserve it. Go to the drive through if your gonna be a right ass. Servers are people who work hard to pay their bills and put food on the table just like everyone else and just like you, we have families and small children that we would like to spoil on Christmas .

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Bottles of Busch

If you come into my work and order a bottle of Busch I automatically hate you. You have been categorized into the scum of the earth and have the following traits;

Bad tipper
Poorly groomed
All in all a bad person

I hate two older gentlemen come sit at the bar today and when they sat down I asked if I could get them a bud light and the first guy said what kind of beer do I have and as I began rattling them off the second guy kept interrupting saying strike one strike two strike three and so on and he got to strike five I was so flustered and said I guess u r out of luck and I don’t have anything you two would like. The first guy said well do ya got Busch I said yes and he wanted that and with previous experience with Busch drinkers and the way they were already acted I knew it was gonna be bad. They were rude through out the rest of their meal and acted as though they were my only table and last but not least left me 4 on 40.

Next time hit the drive through and stop by the gas station and get yourself a 12 pack and stay away from the rest of the world.

That is all 🙂

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